Escape 1“Genius begins where rules end”

– William BlakeEscape 3

“Artists are tricksters, opening up possibilities and reflections.”

– F. David Peat and John Briggs, ‘7 Life Lessons of Chaos’Escape 4

“When it comes to the arts I do not care how mindless it is as long as the makers put their heart and soul into it.”

Sean Hughes, ‘Sean’s Book’Escape 5

“Escape” is the old novel I have altered and turned into a book about creativity. It still has some empty spaces in it, ready for some more pithy quotes or inspiring thoughts.

Many of the pages are painted with ordinary acrylic house paint, because I was given a couple of tiny sample pots at a promotional display. It works really well! If you don’t have samples, you could also use leftovers, and mix your own custom colours with them. Altering books can be lots of fun, and an opportunity to try  new techniques and materials – just be sure to bend the rules, be open to many possibilities and put your heart and soul into the process!

Remember, you cannot fail.

These images are of the cover, title page and first few pages of “Escape”. I’ll be sharing some each week and hopefully inspiring people to pull apart and rehash boring old books into something new, exciting and very personal.