Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 27


We are coming to the end of my scrapbook…I have to think of something else for next week and thereafter…

This is the wrapper from an environmentally conscious bar of chocolate, with information about sea-turtles. I like turtles. And chocolate.as98

TripleJ used to have a segment called Mixed Bag, for which listeners submitted 4 songs – with some kind of link between them – and this sheet has two such lists (never submitted) and a sort of hybrid poem/lyric for my own amusement. It’s good to keep these little oddities and make a place for them in a scrapbook, because otherwise these things would be utterly forgotten.as99

More lists – I was trying to do a set of my “10 Favourite…” – poets, books, albums, bands, but it all got too hard, and I couldn’t narrow it down to only 10, and kept thinking of more. I wrote “wishful thinking, froggy” on there in reference to the calling of Brown Tree Frogs aka Rain Frogs – it wasn’t raining though, just a sprinkler. They generally start calling when it rains.as100

This is the inside of the back cover. A clear plastic pocket, stapled in place, holds tickets and other mementos from festivals and concerts. There is also an icecream stick glued to the cardboard. My self-penned timetable of bands is many years old now. I feel very lucky that I saw At The Drive-in that year, because they broke up soon after. The Big Day Out (now also broken up, sadly) had multiple stages, spread around the old Melbourne Show Grounds, and it was a major undertaking to work out who you wanted to see most, and plan your movements for the 12 hours or so of live music – remembering to factor in a meal or two to keep your strength up!



I scattered some images from this booklet of political posters throughout the scrapbook, and stuck the remains of it to the back cover. Women are still badly under represented in parliament – the current government even has a man as minister for women. Go figure…as103

Last of all, the back cover features a “Heavy” tag from my luggage. I find these labels irresistible – heavy, man! And that is the end of my Artist Scrapbook. I hope I have inspired someone somewhere to gather up supplies, souvenirs and scraps, and start pasting and stapling them all into a book of memories! Something to show the grand-kids, perhaps.