Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 26


Not much colour in this week’s pages, except in a clipping of a ‘Q’ magazine cover. English music mags are fairly expensive here (especially if they are air-freighted and therefore not a month old) but they are usually worth the price for the quality of journalism. And they sometimes come with excellent mix CDs stuck on them. 10 years of Nirvana – so that’s a good ten years ago then.




This ‘page’ is an old envelope, folded in half…at the top, a scrawled poem, and below that, a list of songs etc broadcast on TripleJ in one of their Nirvana specials. I would have stayed up late to record it on cassettes…leaping up to turn the tape over at least once during the show, and hoping nothing vitally interesting was lost in that time! Those were the days… Now-a-days, one would find all this and more on YouTube and it’s siblings…


I don’t think it was me who circled everything like that – probably the youngest child – but I like the way it turns what is merely a list into a kind of pattern.


One of the local art shows always asks for an ‘Artist Statement’ to accompany one’s work. I have great difficulty in writing these things – some artists list courses they’ve studied, past exhibitions and prizes won – but that isn’t me. This one must be around 15 years ago, my latest effort is different again. Although it’s a bit like pulling teeth, it is a really good exercise to write a piece describing yourself and your practice, because you have to actually think about it…If you are making a scrappy journal like this, make it a point to write an Artist Statement, and include it in your book!


Here is a more recent one – I do like to cook sometimes, so maybe I do want a kitchen…what about you?

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