Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 25

Another week gone by, this time with my husband in hospital with pneumonia, and me home with a lesser version. Not very conducive to creativity, although I have done some work on an eye-spy quilt for my grand daughter, and some little drawings/paintings worked on beside the fire at night.as88

I used to love spending an hour or two in the big Border’s bookstore in Carlton, browsing through endless shelves of books and music, and carrying a few choice items up the back to the coffee shop for closer perusal. So, so sad when it all closed! The two quotes here refer to Kurt Cobain.as89

On the opposite page, one of my poems, the title inspired by a (slightly snarky) remark from my husband, who saw me writing something one day and assumed it was an “ode” to Kurt. It was a shopping list…Underneath it is a loose sheet on which I copied a scholarly piece about Kurt’s playing style from a book on Guitar players.



On the reverse of the poem, my Peace Love Empathy symbol, which developed quite organically over a period of weeks many years ago. It is generally coloured in, starting with red on the innermost heart and all the little loops, with the hearts in the colours of the spectrum. So, that’s the rainbow for Peace, Hearts for Love, and the blood drops for Empathy.

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