Weekly Photography Challenge: Summer Lovin’

It’s been cold and wet, as winter should be, and ideas of summer seem far, far away. Yet every day is a little longer, sometimes the air is almost warm, and any day now, Christmas…paraphernalia will be appearing in stores. And what do I love about summer? There’s a lot to dislike…days over 40C, bushfires, mosquitoes, Christmas…paraphenalia that comes out earlier every year and seemingly more of it, and most of it destined for landfill, sport…

At the beginning of summer, those first real t-shirt days are a pleasure, and there are the summer blooms and fruits to look forward to.SummerChristmas (apart from a surge of junk in shops) brings a quiet day spent with family. For the past couple of years, those of us available have taken a picnic to the botanical gardens in Melbourne, a perfect way to spend a summer’s day.picnicReflected in Tristan’s shades, you can see  the picnic rug, me standing, Lucie and Alex on the seat on my left, and Bryan nearest the front.tableau

Christmas decorations at our house have become more individual and arguably more interesting as the years go by. I find it bizarre to decorate with European snow images as we march into blazing hot summer. But I do like fairy lights!

summer paintingI searched through my files, trying to find the photo this (unfinished) painting is based on, with no luck. Maybe it’s in a box, not a digital file. Anyway, it was a glorious evening in Perth, and we drove to the beach to picnic and watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. The family we were visiting are in Canberra now, so we may never do it again, which adds a piquancy to this scene. I have no idea who these people were, only that they had the same idea as we did, and that they gave me an immensely satisfying summer lovin’ composition that I could hardly wait to make into a painting. My favourite part was the way the sunlight caught in the soft-drink bottle between them – also the comfortable sharing of their evening and the view.


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