Weekly Photography Challenge: Containers

This week’s challenge is all about containers – instead of the contents, lets look at the outside for a change…


I have a weakness for old tins and chocolate boxes, and I like to use them as containers for various sewing and other art supplies. They can be really lovely in a well-worn, Wabi Sabi way. My button collection gets sorted into jars, preferably interesting old ones.

I went to one of those markets where lots of people are offering all sorts for sale, and the only thing I wanted to take home was a wooden box full of old cutlery. I’m showing you the contents instead of the container, but you can see a bit of it!seattle chocolate

When I heard that my friend Deb was going on a trip to Seattle (and Portland, and various other places), I recommended that she check out Theo’s fabulous chocolate while she was there. Being very efficient, she photocopied a page of my travel journal with a Theo’s packet/container pasted in…And she brought me home two samples, with their gorgeous artwork. (She’s awesome as well as efficient). I have a cold, so I’m not even thinking about eating my precious Theo’s bars until I have my tastebuds back – and I’ll certainly keep the containers long after…

Confession – I still have one square of the Nirvana dark chocolate from EMP, purchased in August 2011.


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