1 Day 1 World Project: 10pm – 11pm

Like Lisa in Edmond, Washington State, who came up with the 1 Day 1 World Project, I tend to think that 10pm is time for bed. Last night I was up a bit later, because Bryan had been out to play practice again (it will be  performed next month). There was Nothing On TV or at least, nothing I wanted to see, and it was too cold to be anywhere but by the fire. So I put a music DVD (Nirvana, on the In Utero tour) on and did some drawing with pigma pens and watercolour, and then switched to spinning alpaca fleece into yarn. It looks like steel wool, but it’s as soft as down.

10 o’clock was time to pack up and get ready for bed.

First things first, put tht kettle on to fill my hot water bottle. The digital kettle tells me how cold the water is before heating it to my required 80C. (That’s 50F to 170F). Much better!10pm 7

However cold and wet it is outside, a hot hot  water bottle and a pile of pillows and blankets will make a snuggly nest from which to survey the moonlit cloudy winter sky. I wish I could show you a photo of those moonlit clouds, but I don’t have the camera for the job. They were like a great sheet of old fashioned cotton wool, eerily backlit and very beautiful when viewed from a warm bed!


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