Friday Poem: Children

One day last week I took the old biscuit tins down from their inconveniently high shelf to see what was inside. One had three pairs of gloves that were my grandmother’s, back in the days when Ladies wore them, one was full of old postcards, handed down from Bryan’s grandpa, and the other contained a muddle of old black and white photos, mostly taken by me more than forty years ago. I have been keen on photography for a long time, and writing poetry for at least as long. So tonight I am sharing some of those old pics, and a poem of similar vintage. wombat hill tower

Their ABC’s:
And count-downs;
The labyrinths of their minds;
Their rattles and their copy-books
Lie broken on the floor.
Their crayons and their pencils
Lie mingled with the dust.
Bride dolls,
And toy soldiers
Lie in a shattered heap.
The room is dim,
And dusty,
The air is breathless.
And deathly quiet.
They are gone,
My heart is empty;
the room is so lonely now.
This was all they lived for –
But they grew up:
They found new ideals;
And then –
Yes, then they went away,
And left their toys
And copy books
To mingle with the dust.

Feb 23 ’72

In my defense, I was going-on 16…reading again now, resisting the urge to edit my past self, I cringe for this poor empty-nester, who clearly needs to get out of the house (after she’s de-cluttered and swept the floor) and get herself a hobby, or a job, or trip c71

This is my Mum and three siblings on a family holiday when I was around 16. We had crossed the Murray river and parked not far on the other side, just so we could have a picnic interstate. We’d crossed the border with the river, exciting!school sports

One more pic – I’m not sure what year this was- ’68 or ’69. It was a school Sport’s day in Castlemaine, I think House sports. The two girls in uniform were my best friend from primary school on the right, who left Castlemaine at the end of form 2, and my best friend through High School. I think that’s the kiosk behind them – highlight of the day! We were not athletically inclined, suffice to say!

The first photo is of Mum and my little sister standing at the foot of a tower in Daylesford. I, obviously, was standing on top, and had already developed a taste for an unusual POV, even though I didn’t know what that was at the time.


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