Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 22

So, what happened to last week?

This next page is a Kraft paper bag, and it’s a bit …naughty,I guess. Australians will be familiar with the antics of Hamish and Andy, seen here with Hamish stark naked, just inside the fence of a naturist establishment, his – ah – dignity preserved by the fencepost. The horoscope has the words “Stretch the boundaries” highlighted, which is just what Hamish was doing! The picture of Lord Ganesha is from an incense packet, and still carries the delicious aroma.  as77


On the reverse of the bag page is a quote from Kurt Cobain –

“Punk rock should mean freedom, like in accepting everything that you like, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it’s good, and has passion.”

I think the same principle can be applied to any creative endeavour – certainly an artist scrapbook!

The quote is written on a flap of paper, hinged on one side with staples – the sloppy scrapbooker’s friend. Underneath, magazine pics of a couple of punk rock bands – Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr, both exponents of sloppy but good and passionate! The Dinosaur Jr clipping advertises the show I went to to celebrate my 50th birthday. Fun times.


More next week!