1 Day 1 World: 9pm – 10pm

The later the hour, the colder and darker it is! So, once more, Bryan was at play practice, and Morgen and myself were by the fire. I was knitting, and watching the rest of “House of Five Leaves” before returning it to the library today.9pm 1 At 9pm, the last episode had just finished.9pm 2

The weather has been unhelpful with regards to getting the washing dry, so there’s almost always some of it in the lounge at this time of year.9pm 3

It’s nor really what I want to look at – after the DVD finished, I folded both the clothes and the rack, and put them away.9pm 4

Much better!9pm 5

By now, Bryan was home and in the shower, and the TV was off, so Morgen was waiting impatiently for her supper. She knows what comes next!9pm 6

Instead of hopping into bed, I  played with the camera for a while. That’s a not-yet-finished light shade, made of wire and silk tulle, which I dyed with eucalyptus detritus. I’d hung it from the ceiling , out of the way, and then discovered that it makes marvelous shadows when I light a couple of candles. 9pm 7

And here are the candles, sitting on a mirror tile and accompanied by a strange winged entity that came home with me from the op shop/thrift store last week. It’s pink with orange wings, and therefore irresistible to me!

Another exciting winter evening in southern Australia!


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