1 Day 1 World Project: 8pm -9pm

Of course, it’s even colder and darker here by 8pm than last week’s 7pm post. Bryan was out at play practice again, leaving me to my own devices, so I put the DVD from the library on, and started packing up the stuff in and on the bureau in preparation for moving it to another room.

IMG_0790The DVD is a Japanese anime series called “The House of Five Leaves”.IMG_0791 It has sub-titles, which means I have to pay attention to the screen if I want to have any idea what is going on.IMG_0792

I know women have reputation for multi-tasking, but there are limits, so I sat down and watched the show. The story line isn’t straight forward, or even cheerful, but it’s pretty good. It does have longish title sequences, and I get on with my packing while they are on. The episodes are only about 25 minutes, and I watched four, I think!IMG_0793

I had managed to finish emptying the bureau before Bryan got home…IMG_0797

Morgen spent the evening asleep on the couch. No surprises there!




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