Friday Poem: Leaving Canberra in a V-Line Coach

I’m back home now, in my normal life, but a week or two ago, I made an epic journey by coach and train(s) from Canberra home to Ararat. The coach leaves Canberra quite early, and sets off in what appears to be the wrong direction…bus stop

Sun on the right
Moon on the left
Headed North
Green paddocks
Green trees
A scatter of houses

Inside the bus
a young girl is sleeping
+ my feet are cold.morning

It’s roughly four hours on the coach to Albury, where we board a train for another four hours or so to Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. There’s a wait there for over an hour (but plenty of food and coffee and magazines to buy) before boarding the Ararat train for the final two and a half hours. It’s one way to spend a day, and see a sample of the Australian countryside. You’d see more in summer, of course, because it was dark by the time we left Melbourne!Juniper in June 11

And here’s my incentive for making the trip to Canberra in the first place, my grand daughter Juniper, photographed on her nine-month birthday. She really wanted to investigate my camera much ore closely…

The other two pics are a yarnbombed pole opposite the  stop in Farrer, where we caught the first bus for the day (taken on a different day- the sun wasn’t up yet when we left!), and the other is near home, but a typical Australian pastoral landscape. Next time I’ll keep a camera handy, and take some photos from the coach and train windows. Which reminds me – when I was about to board at Albury, a lady passenger was energetically cleaning the outside of ‘her’ window. I guess she wanted to look at the view minus the dust!

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