Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 20

For this weeks post, a page that isn’t brown kraft paper! This one is pink card. A different colour and/or paper every now and then livens up the book, I think.as70

The large photo is from a newspaper ad for skiing at Mt Hotham, in Victoria’s High Country. Truth be told, it’s not very high by world standards, but it is very, very old, and high enough to get snowed on in winter. Usually. The photo is in my scrapbook because I once had a vivid dream in which a young man invited me to come to Mt Hotham…I still haven’t been there. The other photos (apart from ‘pregnant’ Mr Seahorse) are of me. In the really old one, I am dressed up as a Mexican bandit, for some reason! There’s a length of red thread glued across the page, tying in with the thread in the other photo – which was taken when I was on the magazine committee at school, forty something years ago. I’ve always liked being a stirrer, in my own quiet way.as71

On the reverse of the pink page is a collection of magazine and newspaper photos of some of my favourites, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform live. The horoscope was published on Dylan Thomas and  Sylvia Plath’s  birthday, and includes the words “It’s what you do with what you get that matters.” Sylvia’s photo adorns a piece about a study that claims that writing poetry is bad for ones mental health, which I think proves that some scientists aren’t very bright…as72

On the page opposite the claim that female poets are mentally ill,( because why else would they want to write poetry?!), a page of poets, and one of my own poems. There’s a newspaper clipping of “12 ways to write a poem” by Oprah Winfrey, and a quote from Gerard Manley Hopkins-

“I would have…all true poets remember that fame, the being known, though one of the most dangerous things to man, is never-the-less the true and appointed air, element, and setting of genius and its works.”

He died in 1889 – I wonder what he’d think of the kind of ‘genius’ that garners fame these days!


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