1 Day 1 World: 7pm -8pm

It was a dark and stormy night…At 7 pm on Monday, Bryan had just left to go to play practice, leaving Morgen and me to ourselves for the evening. Of course, Morgen had claimed my chair – it’s the closest to the fire.

7pm 2


It was the winter Solstice a few days ago, so we can look forward to the daylight hours (slowly) increasing from now on. Today has been bitterly cold (at least by Australian standards!) and wildly windy, resulting in parts of trees having to be cleared from roads, and a friend’s trampoline ended up on the far side of their shed…good days to stay inside by the fire with a cup of tea!7pm 3

While Morgen was hogging the fire last night, I did some more work on a stack of altered postcards, ready to be laminated and then bound into a book.

After that, I went back to my knitting, which is the perfect activity for a wild winter night by the fire.


7 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World: 7pm -8pm

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  2. Oh that looks like a perfect place for a chilly night. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we just did that not to long ago. But here on the other side of the world our air conditioners blasting and we’ve changed from complaining about the snow to complaining about the heat! 🙂


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