Weekly Photography Challenge: Between

Something in the middle, a transition, something in between…what photo can I take or find to meet this challenge?! It’s cold and rainy today, not conducive to photography, so I’ve been browsing through the back-catalogue. I found a photo of rain…with a car windscreen between me and it.rain

We were on our way to Castlemaine to visit my parents. By the time we got there, we had left the rain behind and the sun was shining. I took the camera out for a stroll around my long-ago backyard. A lot is the same, a lot is different. the years between have done their work. When I was a child the Blitz crane was a working vehicle, but not any more…here is what lies between the doors (except that one is missing….)blitz cab

The same is true for the old Commer truck. I spent many hours of my childhood, sitting between Mum and Dad in that cab . No-one but the spiders sit in there now.

commer 2

It is a part of family folklore that Dad, as a very young man, gave the girl who would become my mother a ride home from “the dance” in  the Blitz, and, a year or two later, when I was ready to be born, he drove Mum to the hospital in the truck! Maybe that’s why they are still there…


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