Friday Poem: Haiku

I rarely do anything so disciplined as write a poem using any kind of set pattern. I’m a “rules are for bending” person, at best. However, the book I took along with me to Canberra last week was a meaty little missive all about haiku, how to appreciate and how to write them. Also some fascinating insights into the factions in the genteel world of American haiku aficionados. Who ever would have guessed!

I found the book heavy going – I don’t care about the ins and outs of copyright, or the niceties of getting published. That’s what a blog is for, after all.

I was a bit surprised, as I rode the early morning bus in to the city to catch my coach to Albury, to find that I had a haiku…

Lineup of galahs
Pink and grey on the powerline
Matching morning sky.


Since I was sitting in a bus, I couldn’t take photos of the galahs, or the morning sky. The only pic of galahs I can find in my files is this sign I painted for my parents, but since anyone who isn’t familiar with them won’t have any idea what a galah is otherwise, here it is!oct2010 096


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