Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 19

Another week, and some more pages, including a quote from that great but underrated philosopher, Winnie the Pooh, written in lively pink ink. I’ve coloured parts of the photo of Arthur Rimbaud with pink and gold pencil, and written “PEACE” in gold on a photo of the spectrum. I have a weakness for  crystal prisms and they hang in every window that catches the sunshine. There is nothing like a rainbow an a wall or the floor to inspire me to fetch the camera!



There’s a flap of black card, because everyone loves a book with flaps in it! I think the quote is from Erica Jong’s “Fear of Fifty”, and it’s written in silver pen. Because silver pen is shiny, and shiny is good.as68

Under the flap is a page from a notepad, on which I had drawn plans for the last in a series of four small quilts, called “Integration Aids”. They reflect on the ideas about the balance of male and female qualities in different cultures, and are mainly black, whole cloth and stitched in red and gold. There are some other drawings added by one of my kids.as69

Next is a half-page with a quote, and a horoscope with the words “Throw logic out the window.’ highlighted. Logic has its place, no doubt, but one mustn’t overdo it…

Sheila Box is a writer, and an acquaintance of my parents. The quote comes from a book that is mainly about her cats, and was surprising  for that reason. There is also the card packaging from  gemstone bracelet. I’m not sure where that bracelet is now, but the card says such flattering things about people born between Feb 19 and March 21, that of course I kept it!

“But it isn’t Easy” said Pooh…”Because Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things that get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.”

May you find the time to go to the place where Poetry and Hums can find you!

And I hope I’ve given you some ideas…



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