Weekly Photography Challenge: Extra extra!

I was looking for something extra in my recent photos for today, something a little unexpected.

In clusters of housing, windows often overlook windows, and this window opposite my daughter’s place twice had something extra that  I and my camera couldn’t resist. On the first occasion, it was a cat, blissfully soaking up the afternoon sunshine.cat

On another day, the window became a mirror, reflecting the glorious winter evening sky behind us. A window is often set in a room in such a way as to frame a view, but this goes to show that it can frame a view on the outside as well!



I tried to take a photo of one of Zoe’s cats – Daisy – in what I thought was a delightful composition with a clock and chest. Instead of staying nicely posed, she promptly jumped down, leaving me with one extra shot of a bare chest of drawers and a clock on the wall…Oh, well.


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