Friday Poem: Sweet Child

After a week in Canberra with my grand daughter Juniper (and her mum and dad and fur sisters), there is only one possible topic for my poem of the week! Juniper in June 1

She’s now 9 whole months old, a young lady with decided opinions of her own and a voracious appetite for whatever is to hand. So, fairly typical, but also a one off!

As sweet as pie
And as cute as a button
Pretty in pink blue green
And grown like a mushroom.

Sharp as a tack
But not light as a feather
She likes being outside
Whatever the weather.

Hungry as a hippo
Stubborn as a mule
A bottomless pit
And too cool for school.

She’s fiercely independent
As clinging as a vine
And free as a bird
Sweet grandchild of mine. Juniper in June 13

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