Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 18

I’m posting this week from Canberra , which is far away from where I live – higher and further North, and a little colder, perhaps. There are lots of creative people living here – hand-made and farmer’s markets every weekend. I brought Sukie’s Life’s Journey with me, so I can look at the pages as I go. On this page, there is a photo of the way I wore my hair for years and years. Under it is the newspaper clipping that inspired it – “futuristic mod with a punk attitude and stronger colour”, “chunkier or block colour or heavily streaked hair…” Yes please, I thought, and went straight  to my hairdresser….Now it’s natural grey, but still with the punk attitude…
as62as61There is also a quote written around the perimeter of the page –

“…the idea, however, is not to build up a system of philosophy, but to free us from our egoistic impulses and the idea of permanency, for those are the source of human miseries, are not intellectually tenable and are spiritually altogether unsound.”

D. T. Suzuki    Zen teacher

and a Nirvana lyric –

“”…the thing is, what we lack doesn’t matter anyway.”

Which is kind of the same thing.


The next page is pretty messy, with an odd selection of mementos loosely tied together with some coloured pencil and another two quotes.

“Once you realise that God knows everything – you’re free.”

Ram Dass

“The central psychic fact remains that our connection to meaning, passion, soulfulness, and the deep nature is something we have to keep watch over”

C. P. Estes   Every creative person should read her “Women Who Run With the Wolves” at least once.as65 as66

A corrugated card heart, tied to a fortune from a  cookie are slotted into a little pocket that once held a chai tea bag (my favourite kind). Packaging often has attractive art and text, and is worth keeping to embellish scrapbooks and collage – especially little pockets! There’s a charm key hanging loosely on a piece of string on this page as well. as64

The Journey in this case refers to a weekend in Horsham , almost nine years ago. I went All By Myself and stayed in a motel and attended a workshop about Women’s Stuff. Bliss. Especially the All By Myself part….It became an important catalyst on my Life’s Journey.




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