Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 17

Another creativity post, and another season begun. Winter is a good time to work on this kind of project – you just need a warm spot and a heap of supplies and interesting scraps.

as58There are two quotes on this page, written with my left (ie non-dominant) hand, which is good for the brain, forging new neural connections. However – I don’t know where the quotes came from, because I just wrote initials -tDoJ – and I don’t remember what book that means! Don’t do that, if you want to remember where your interesting or deep and meaningful quotes come from – write out the whole title, at the very least. The book may be on my bookshelves somewhere, or it could have been borrowed. Wish I knew!


If you read last week’s post, you may remember the Bold Strong lady, who is posed the same as Kurt Cobain in this Anton Corbjin photo. There’s a quote, unattributed, about boldness – a quick Google search tells me it is Goethe. Caring, generous and sweet is how Krist Noveselic described Kurt. Bold strong brave should in no way exclude caring generous or sweet if we are to be whole and well rounded persons. Not that he turned out to be a great example, sadly.

as60Another quote! I collect them…Also one of my poems, and one of my photos, all written and pasted over a receipt for a book called “Self Matters” – alongside a photo of a man hugging himself. The page doesn’t have much embellishment – just some gold pastel above the word “Empathy” in purple pencil.

The quote is –

“In order to have new ideas, we have to open ourselves to life as it is, not as habit would have it. We need to surrender to reality.”

Piero Furucci.

He was probably right, but some days a warm cookie is much preferable to reality – at least for an hour or two…




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