Friday Poem: Cherry Bar Epiphany

We went to a tiny lane-sized rock festival last weekend, to celebrate our Ruby wedding anniversary (as one does…). We had a great time, and discovered some new bands as well as seeing the iconic Meat Puppets, in Australia for the first time in twenty years. Forgetting to bring earplugs was unfortunate, but I’m a punk do-it-yourself type, so I crafted makeshift ones from strips of paper napkin…must remember proper ones next time…IMG578

1 pm Sunday
Standing in the Cherry Bar
In ACDC Lane
(58 years old, late-blooming
Being systematically deafened
By a band
called Powerline Sneakers –

They’re good and
their bass player is
a girl –

Suddenly a thought is in
my head –

“I have wasted my life.”

NB, for any family and friends reading this post, I don’t really think I should have run off to join a band rather than rearing a brood of intelligent, creative and brilliant children! It was a passing thought, and I made it a poem. That’s the Meat puppets in the photo – I didn’t think to take one of Powerline Sneakers, sadly.