Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 16

I had such a busy week, but here I am again with some more scrappy pages to hopefully inspire you!as54

I saved this ‘Zits” cartoon after my husband claimed that I was (like Jeremy) playing my music too loud as he could hear it from the bottom of the paddock…The only neighbours in that direction are rabbits and sheep, and they might have been enjoying it, for all we know!as55

Melbourne’s “Age’ newspaper used to feature a quote every day, and this is one of them. It appealed to me for the very good reason that I have favoured black clothing since choosing a black dress when I was 13, (much to my Dad’s horror), and who doesn’t like to be told they have superior taste? There’s a bit of glitter glued above the quote. I was a fairies dressmaker for a while (well, I made fairy outfits for a shop in Ararat), and my house was accidentally embellished with glitter the whole time. And I still secretly like it.



I made some rubbings of coins on this page, but there’s not much detail on them , as the coins were very old and worn. If you want to make rubbings, test first! One of the pieces pasted on this page is a cinema ticket, for the beautiful Australian movie “Look Both Ways”. The print on it is now virtually invisible, because it is not meant to last. If you want to use such a souvenir, maybe do a photocopy! There’s one of my photos, an image from a pack of incense and a receipt for a smooth pebble with the precious word “freedom” carved into the surface. The sentence highlighted in the horoscope is “Do whatever you have to for an easy life.” – not necessarily good advice, I must admit!



I love the photo of the strong luscious brave lady, with her buzz haircut and her big fluffy slippers. In was in a  booklet of feminist art work, but  unfortunately I don’t know the back story. “You can’t please everyone” is written on one side of the page in fat blue pencil, and a quote from Victor Hugo in ink at the top –

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather in spite of ourselves.”

It’s a sad thing that so many people desperately try to change themselves, physically and psychologically, to fit some impossible ideal without which they feel they are unlovable and unacceptable. Just look at all the starlets with bleached, extended hair, spray tanned and with weirdly white teeth. All trying to look the same – where’s the point in that? At the very  least the lady on this page is memorable!