Weekly Photography Challenge: Twist

I had no idea, when I sat down at the computer, what image I could share for an exciting twist. I spent the weekend in Melbourne, and I can tell you that the Meat Puppets might be getting old and grey, but they can still play up a storm and they rock . So fun!
… then I loaded all the pictures off my phone, including some from Cherry Rock yesterday,IMG571 and found this one, from the National Gallery of Australia’s sculpture garden in Canberra. This sculpture is massive – taller than a person, and the shiny metal shapes link together in a twisty chain.IMG530

I loved how the bright sunlight reflected off it, and the way it is half-hidden amongst the trees, so that is an eerie and almost ethereal presence, despite being so big and heavy.IMG537

And for the record (as it were) here are the Meat Puppets, as wonderfully twisted as you’d ever hope to find. brothers Meat

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