Friday Poem: Rock Concert Meditation

In 1998, at the age of 42, I attended my first ever Rock Concert, in the company of three of my kids. It was HomeBake, the one time it toured to Melbourne, and was at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an iconic Melbourne outdoor music venue. One of my vivid memories is of trying to listen to Tiddas when Grinspoon were playing on the main stage – at one point, Tiddas announced they would give up and listen to “Just Ace” for a bit.DSCF3958

Today’s poem, dated 10.01.98,  is sub-titled “Frenzal Rhomb”, and describes my reaction to hearing one of my favourite unrepentant Australian punk bands live and in the open air…

The mighty crack of the electric bass,
Like a close crack of thunder,
Jolts through the earth beneath me,
Thudding through my chest,
And rattles the teeth in my head:
And I can’t help wondering –
What do the micro-fauna,
Worms and such things,
Buried in grass beneath my seat,
Deep in the thundering earth –
What do they make of this?
Is there a mosh pit down there?
Do they curl up and die of fright?
I wonder; but not for long.DSCF3930

I don’t have any photos from that day (16 long years ago) but here is another unrepentant Australian who frightens worms…the infamous kookaburra.

I chose this poem for today, because on Sunday we are going to Cherry Rock in ACDC Lane, Melbourne, at which the Meatpuppets are headlining. We are going as a celebration of our recent fortieth wedding anniversary , which is kind of poetic, because forty is the Ruby Wedding, and a ruby is a cherry-coloured rock…

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