Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 15

Another week has whizzed past, and here I am with some more pages from Sukie’s Lifes Journey, a handmade artist scrapbook filled with bits and pieces that I saved for their significance to me. The journal became a place to gather them together in some sort of order.

as49There is a quote pasted on this page, from Scottish psychiatrist R D Laing – “We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love”, which sits alongside a wrenching image of a young Iranian protester, who is holding up the blood-stained t-shirt of a friend who was beaten. Authority, in Dominator Culture, excuses such violence on the grounds that is for the victims own good, and often claims that “this hurts me more than it hurts you.” Yeah, right…The fake Chinese fortune is amusing and also good advice, I think, something that reading both widely and deeply can help with. Martin Flanagan is an eminent Australian journalist with profound things to say about Indigenous issues and AFL football, amongst other matters. My daughter asked him for his autograph on my behalf, much to his surprise!as50

Sea Horse, affirmations, and an ancient inscription on life, death and connection – and god. There’s a connection there somewhere! I have highlighted the words “the male carries and broods the young.” on the card about sea horses. What a wonderful fish is the sea horse! The flowers are a South African bulb, a species of Ixia with startling bright aqua flowers.as51

Another half-page, from a bed-side notebook, complete with a nocturnal note. The image paper-clipped to the page is from an exhibition that was at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image some years ago. The installation was in a narrow, dark corridor, with red laser light “thresholds” at intervals, making it very eerie – a red lit “door” was at the far end. Viewers were invited to go into this space, but it was very strange and disorientating – which was the point, I guess.



The “autograph” came from a booklet attached to one of those teen magazines – the sort aimed at helping teens spend the money they earn by working in fast food “restaurants”. Tom Moore is the American writer, not the Irish song writer. I like that he asserts the validity of melancholy. The horoscope, with it’s advice to express your feelings, ties in with that.as53

On this purple card page there is a photo of Pat Smear, guitarist of the Germs, Nirvana and Foo Fighters, another horoscope with the words “you have to remain alive” highlighted. The red pic is of Silverchair’s Daniel Johns. There’s also my poem “Statement” about the red tulips in my garden, and a photo of them. The Kit-Kat packet was in my pocket the first time I saw Foo Fighters at a Big Day Out in Melbourne – and it’s red! Also I am very fond of red and purple together. More next week!



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