Weekly Photography Challenge: Work of Art

This weeks photography challenge theme is “a work of art“, which can mean all sorts of things to different people, as the weekly themes generally do. That’s where the fun lies! Thinking up your own take on the subject, then looking at what other bloggers did with it.

I’ve been thinking about it, and then this morning I found some plastic figures in a drawer ( I was searching for the Allen keys – no luck on that yet!). I arranged them in front of a tiny painting I found in an op shop/thrift store – and got inspired on the Work of Art question. So I went around the house with the camera, and took pics of (some of) the vignettes that just grow in my house. Please ignore the dust – it also just grows in my house!

There are “art works” in the conventional sense in most of these pictures, but it’s the arrangement and juxtaposition* of disparate objects that I am attempting to portray here. In one, Big Bird is having a discourse on Dominator versus Cooperator Culture with a aggresive little knight in armour, in front of a small watercolour of Seattle I did whilst in that fair city in 2011. Also I notice there’s an earplug – souvenir of the Melvins show at the HI-Fi Bar in Melbourne last December. The yellow glass tumbler is the work of Moyston glass blower, David Herbert. I have a thing for flying pigs, as a symbol of infinite possibilities and that things need not stay as they are (see Big Bird and friend).

*”juxtaposition” is an excellent arty word, and if it is missing form an artist statement…they weren’t really trying. LOL.