Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 14


Here are some more pages of my scrappy art journal – this one on white cartridge paper – three pics from newspapers and magazines, and one of mine of water-washed sand on a beach – beautiful texture. A Pisces horoscope with a couple of pertinent words highlighted is attached with a red paper clip. All sorts of bits and pieces that you collect or salvage can find a purpose in this kind of project!as45

The facing page (a green envelope with paper pasted on top to cover the address) has a longish quote from Buzz Osborne of the Melvins. That’s him on guitar in the first pic. No prizes for guessing how he got his nickname…as46

On the back of the page/envelope are two more quotes with a similar intent to the first – I don’t know who the flamenco dancer is, unfortunately, but the other is a verbatim quote of Kurt Cobain in response to a journalist who wanted to know the meaning of the lyrics of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – “Whatever you want”, he said, “It’s your crossword puzzle.” as47

Another collection of horoscopes, each with a few words or a sentence underlined in hot pink pen – “Your rebellious outlook will continue…break out of your confines and look for greater personal freedom at work or play…there’s absolutely no benefit in trying to fit into a square paradigm…who wants to be stuck in a repeating pattern like music caught in a groove…Try out new tastes and flavours…Yours is the gift of imagination..To believe it is to achieve it”…etc. Whatever appeals to my prejudices and seems like good advice for anybody!as48

On the reverse, a scribbledy drawing of my teddy, Berkeley, and a quote which says much the same as all my underlined bits from before! There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating an idea over and over in different ways. It’s the foundation of much art, music and poetry.