Weekly Photography Challenge: On The Move

This weeks challenge is “On the Move”, and I’ve pulled out a few images from my vast collection, all taken whilst on the move in car, train, plane  or  boat/ferry.

The first two are close to home, the first after a tremendous hail storm that covered everything for miles in ice. The golden statue – the Queen of Heaven, I believe – overlooks the Marybinong River as you approach Melbourne by train.

Then there’s Mount Hood (?) from a plane window, two shots from our (successful) Whale watching trip out of Victoria B.C., and the Olympic Mountains and a big boat, seen from the deck of a ferry on it’s way to Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound. The Trip of a Lifetime…happy to repeat it anytime. sigh


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: On The Move

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    • It was certainly a highlight of the trip. We stayed out past the ‘proper’ time to see them, as they proved to be hard to find. Great for us, but I’m not sure how the next group felt about it! I guess they went straight to the right spot…I really wanted to go live on one of those little islands!


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