Friday Poem: To My Muse

I’m mining the back catalogue again today – I’ve been writing poetry since primary school, so there’s plenty in there…not all of it fit to be shared, admittedly. When I wrote this, I was forty and entering a period of change and growth on a personal level, reading widely and rediscovering my creative urges and talents. Willy Burn 10

You are the best thing that’s happened to me.
You have broken my jar,
You have smashed my box.
You have let me loose,
You have opened my mind.
You have given me back the keys to myself.
You have opened a window
on the other world.
You have shaken the edge of the sheet
from which mysteries unfold.
In the touch of your hand
I have seen God.
you are my guardian,
my angel and my muse.

Willy Burn 13We celebrated my youngest son’s recent birthday by burning his broken op shop/thrift store chair on a bonfire, which of course I photographed. He plans to do it again at the earliest opportunity. It was sobering to see how readily an upholstered chair will catch alight and burn…