Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 13 (OO!)

I messed up on posting this last week, by dint of not paying full attention, and as far as I can tell, no one saw it…So here it is again –

This time, more brown paper, more Tibetan script…it looks like an odd collection on this page, but there is some coherence!as40

The tiger-eye stone refers to courage and freedom, as does the Feminist poster, which is about equal pay for equal work (we’re still waiting on that one…), and Circe (the sculpture at the bottom) is a woman of power! There’s a quote highlighted from Australian jounalist George Negus, refering to his relationship with his “CEO” –

“I think it’s presumptuous of  a man to think that his life is so absolutely fascinating and his personality is so enthralling that a woman will never get tired of literally tying the loose ends of his life together.”

The tiger-eye pendant was given to me when I was maybe 13 – 45 years ago…as41

My poem to Shiva forms a flap over an image from Tamil Nadu (10th C), and the horoscope remarks on the coincidence of Fred Astaire’s birthday with India’s celebration of the marriage of Lord Shiva, along with a claim that Pisces dancing skills will peak on that day.as42

In the background is my timetable from a music festival – Offshore, the year it was held at the Melbourne Showgrounds instead of in a paddock near Geelong. Ben Harper was a highlight, as were Mark of Cain. Bryan sat in the stands, for reasons best known to himself, and complained about not being able to hear properly…the stages were fairly close together, and he got to hear both at once…Good times!as43

Another part-page, this one on card, printed with an image of some free machine embroidery I’d done, and a transfer pic of Kurt from the paper. These transfers are fun and quite easy to do. All you need is clear tape (packaging tape is good, because its fairly wide), and an image printed on paper (with waterproof ink – inkjet prints won’t do). Simply adhere the tape firmly onto the image – rub with the back of a spoon, or similar, to make sure its well attached. Have the tape overlapping the edges of the paper. Immerse the whole thing in warm water and leave it for 5 minutes or so, until the paper is soaked, then gently rub away the paper, leaving a translucent image on the tape. Stick it in your book – or where ever you want to use it. Because it’s part-transparent, you can get beautiful layered effects. Once you’ve tried it, it’s habit forming!