Friday Poem: In Praise of Autumn Mornings

Not only is it Friday again already, but it’s already May again as well, with autumn well under way here in Victoria. There was a bit of a frost yesterday morning, and the old glory vine was glowing in shades of crimson in the afternoon sunlight. This is a poem I wrote some time ago – 33 years, in fact. Time flies – hard to imagine now, but Simon was not yet six, and Tristan was not yet born…Glory vine

The light is clear and shadowless, but dim;
The sun a silver honesty pod behind the fog;
The air is cold and sharp, the earth damp;
My breath plumes behind me as I walk:
Mornings such as this I was born for.

April 30 1981frosty (Small)

P.S. Tristan was born 20 days later. I am a little less keen on foggy mornings – they seem colder and damper somehow…

I still like to go out and get pictures of frost, though! So pretty!