Daily Prompt: Ring of Fire

I do love hot food, Indian, Mexican, whatever. I’ve never experienced the legendary ring of fire, but I do think a runny nose and numb tongue are signs of good food having been eaten.

hot stuff


Possibly the best hot food ever is the combo of dark chocolate with chili – a notion I first heard of in the movie “Chocolat”, and have enthusiastically embraced. Hot chocolate drink with chili and cinnamon, choc-chili icecream, dark chocolate with more than a smidgeon of chili (the Lindt one is wimpy), but possibly my favourite is the double-choc muffin with a pinch or two of chili added to the mix. Even better, the last batch I made also has some chopped up preserved ginger for added zing – delicious!choc-chili and ginger muffin

Since not everyone shares my predilection (and maybe cos I don’t want to share my spicy muffins), I generally leave out the chili until I’ve spooned out a few plain muffins. If I have fresh red chilies, I identify the ‘hot’ ones with a little slice of chili on top, but for this batch I used pink papers for chili, and green ones for plain.choc-chili and ginger muffin 2

If you should fancy the idea of choc-chili and ginger muffins, leave me a comment, and I’ll post my recipe. Or just adapt your existing favourite by adding the spices. Some cinnamon would work, too….Hmmmm….