Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 12

Week 12 – I seem to be roughly halfway through the book, on another brown paper page. I’m very fond of plain brown paper – I generally use it for Christmas wrap, tied up with coloured string or embellished with stickers…Anyway, this weeks pages –as extra 3The mysterious script in the middle of the page is the autograph of a Gyuto monk, which my daughter brought home from a school camp for me. They went to see the monks making their famous sand mandala, and got to meet them. They are regular visitors to Australia, raising awareness of Tibetan Buddhism as well as the situation in their homeland. as extra 4

The lengthy interview with Tibetan monk and teacher, Sogyal Rinpoche, had to be folded concertina-style to fit on the page. I circled a quote that seemed particularly pertinent –

“At the end of the day, you may be successful, but what really remains is if you’ve helped others.”

By that measure, many “successful” people have failed utterly…

I coloured in the rinpoches robe, too, though perhaps not quite the traditional extra 5

Facetiously I turned Kurt’s cigarette into an exploding cigar – don’t remember why…

That yellow scrap is from a box of Tibetan incense – herby and woody and quite different from the more floral Indian ones.as39 The following half-page is from a bedside note book, and has vague recollections of dreams scrawled on it, which include hearing a Nirvana song. Pasted below that, a piece of flocked and sparkly paper, and a deep and meaningful quote, from Leonardo da Vinci. The Age newspaper used to feature a Quote of the Day, which I often thought worth cutting out and keeping. I’ts cut out using a pair of scissors with a fancy edge – I bought three pairs in a pack with different patterns, but this is my favourite. I guess they are meant for more conventional scrapbooking, but, hey, you can do whatever you want with them!


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