Weekly Photography Challenge: On Top

Narrrapumulap 3This week’s photography challenge theme is “On Top’, whatever you want to make of that. Seeking inspiration in my back-catalogue, I came across a collection of photos from a visit to Narrapumelap, an amazing French Gothic-style homestead near the tiny hamlet of Wickliffe in western Victoria. We have visited every few years for over twenty – and enjoyed seeing the slow progress of restoration from a vandalised ruin. It’s not finished yet, but you can stay there now in what was once storerooms and is now a comfortable B&B set up.

The grandest feature of the building is the tower on top. Here is a view from up there of the roof of the house  and the large walled enclosure behind. Narrrapumulap 1

Our last visit was the first time that the tower was deemed safe enough for people to go up. I was standing on the tiny balcony to take these two photos – the second being one of the incredibly romantic little round windows of the tower. Originally there was a peaked roof on the tower, and putting it back is the owners next big project.

Narrrapumulap 2If you are ever in the area (it’s quite close to Hamilton), its a fascinating place to visit – private tours can be arranged, as well as accommodation, as well as the open days a couple of times a year. If you do visit, make sure you’ve got your camera!


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