Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 11

Another week, another brown Kraft paper page – Imagine Freedom!as33

There’s a bit of a Patriarchy/misogyny theme on this page, balanced with a side serve of FREEDOM. The horoscope is talking about the shall I go or shall I stay dilemma which everyone faces every now and then over something! The “Too Late” stamp came from the old Moyston Post Office – love it!as34

The photo on the left is of actress Leah Purcell – I kept it because it’s a great photo, although you’d never know who it is if I didn’t tell you. There’s a list of attributes I wish to cultivate – repeated several times through out the book – and a bit of a photo of me – just my Kurt shirt. That shirt was a 40th birthday present from my eldest son, and I wore it into shreds…There is also a quote from Montague Ullman-

“Confronting the truth about oneself and accepting it without being defensive about it or frightened by it is the essence of psychological healing.”

Wise words!as35

On this page, there’s a receipt for the Breeder’s “Pod” and the Meatpuppets’ “Huevos”. A good day at the record store, thirteen years ago. More quotes, too.

“To understand and to be understood is to be free.” – Daniel Johnston

“Genius begins where rules end.” – William Blake

Plus a label from a Koala  tea bag, a label from “Nirvana ” incense, and a snippet about Screaming Trees playing at the opening of the Seattle Experience Music Project.as38

And another of those tiny juice bottle poems…as36

P.S. That’s a scrap of the t-shirt stapled in next to the photo. I should mention that the holes in the pages are made with a two-hole punch, readily available where stationery supplies are sold. And who doesn’t love those places?!


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