Friday Poem: Back To You

A poem from the back-catalogue today, but fresh-minted pictures from my playtime last night! I put a cheap optic-fibre lamp on the floor in the dark, and messed about with it, had fun and made some interesting light

Everything comes back to you
The thoughts I had
And didn’t write
And now forget
Were all for you
All back to you
The lives of sinners
And of saints
All point to you
In some particular
Or other
Point back to you
All my dreams
And household chores
The words of songs
The calls of birds
The shapes of clouds
The slant of sun
The beat of rain
The breath of wind
The break of day
Whatever comes
Comes back to you
You are in everything I do
I dedicate
My self to you
For I myself
Come back to You.

At first. I aimed to keep the camera still during the longish exposure, but then I thought “What If?” and moved it in different patterns. Finally, I kept the camera still, but moved the fibres (with my feet…). Fun! Dedicated to you, dear reader.


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