Friday Poem: Shadows

Some years ago, I designed and stitched a piece of embroidery that included all the colours of the rainbow. (And a golden fish).shadows

It was to be made into a little shoulder bag when it was done. One evening, I was working on it and thinking about the sad and senseless end of Kurt Cobain, when it brought me this poem…

Embroidering in indigo on black
In gathering darkness
Suddenly and for a moment
I understood how you had felt
At the ending of your life;
How much your light had faded,
So that it was too dark to see
Clearly what you should do.
So you did what seemed best
While blinded by shadows.

This weekend marks twenty years since Kurt’s death. Much has been and will be said about it. More books, more magazine articles, examining and re-examining  what cannot be changed, only regretted.

autumn offering

Somehow, after writing the poem, I never ever finished that bag…I found the piece a day or two ago, which  reminded me of the poem and I decided that posting it this week was fated to be. Because, with hindsight, anything that has happened seems to have been inevitable…

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