Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 9

Another week flown by, a few more pages to share…as26

I’m not sure what the unifying theme on this page is – maybe ‘freedom’, as written in purple pencil. I have a habit of buying individual coloured pencils, not just rainbow ones. There are so many different kinds, some chalky, some waxy, all tempting. Although I buy different types, I find I’ve got lots of the same three or four colours. Also on the page, a pic of me 27 (!) years ago – the missing half of the photo is of my Dad with tiny baby Zoe, which went in a frame – and a feminist poster from a booklet plus the receipt for my first Big Day Out ticket.as27

On the reverse of that page, this one has a little more cohesion. There’s a quote about love highlighted in the review of William Burroughs ‘Last Words’: –

“Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is. LOVE.”

and another quote about love from St Bernard of Clairvaux –

“Love seeks no cause beyond itself. It is it’s own fruit, it’s own enjoyment. I love because I love: I love in order that I may love.”

The ziplock bag, stapled in as a lift-up flap, contains 3 tiny pieces of gemstone from Philip Island stuck on a card, a souvenir of a family holiday. There’s a magazine clipping of Kurt Cobain under the flap – he met William Burroughs and also made a collaborative recording with him. The printed tape – packaging off something – is ‘just’ decoration, yet the words “protective wrap” chime in with the quotes, I think.as28

This rather battered looking half-page came from a bedside notebook, and has a poem written on it, not very legibly, since it was written in the dark.

2 am
The waxing moon
Fat and yellow as cheese
Hangs above the western rim
Of the world
Baleful behind the peach tree
It reflects light paringly
into the night.

as29These stickers were on a particular brand of juice bottle for a while – tiny poems on tiny stickers. I couldn’t bear to throw them away, so there a few scattered through the scrapbook. There’s one in the first pic on this post which refers to the brand, but most of them were rather abstract and arty, although they might all mention trees.

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