Weekly Photography Challenge: Street Life

a Street sceneThis weeks challenge theme is “Street Life”, something there is very little of in the hamlet where I live. This is our street at 9am  on Monday…a Street scene 2

And in the other direction. No sign of life…a Street scene magpie

An hour later, on my walk to the post office, I saw a magpie.a Street scene 3

Crossing the main road to Hall’s Gap – no traffic to be seen.a Street scene store

In the other direction, a stock truck was parked opposite the (empty) shop.a Street scene Toby

I met a friend who was having a constitutional walk at the sports ground. This is her buddy, Toby.a Street scene magpie2

Back on the Hall’s Gap road, another magpie.a Street scene magpie3

Then two more just before the post office, which is up there on the left, believe it or not.a Street scene 4

On the way home – three cars in a row!a Street scene magpie4

And another magpie…a Street scene 5

Our resolutely peaceful main street. You can see why we’ve lived here for nearly thirty years! Just us and the magpies (not really!)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Street Life

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