Weekly Photography Challenge: Inside II

This time a more miscellaneous collection of ‘Inside‘ images. A cat is an ever reliable subject for ‘inside’, since they just can’t resist getting into a box, a cupboard, a suitcase, or even a plastic bag.morgen inside a bag

My second image is of one of Melbourne’s now famous laneways, with it’s ever evolving walls of street art. One youngster is adding another layer, while a younger boy – his brother, perhaps – looks on. Graffiti brings welcome bursts of colour inside many little laneways that are otherwise rather grey and forbidding in the city, and is now a popular subject for photographers. Not that everybody loves it!Union Lane

Lastly, butterfly eggs laid on a leaf, embryonic caterpillars tucked up safely inside. Is it just me, or do they look like little green Pokeballs? With cabbage-eating monsters inside…eggs on a leaf