Friday Poem: Late Afternoon

After a good day in the City of Melbourne, I was heading up the hill toward Southern Cross station. The sun was dropping toward the west, playing hide and seek with the office towers and stately old bank buildings. I loved the way the light bounced along the empty street, but I didn’t have a camera (or time to stop and take pictures – train to catch!). So instead, I wrote this poem.late afternoon

Sunday in the city
5 pm
Everything is closing
Shutting down for the day
Staff thinking of going home.

The slanting sunlight
Bounces from window
to wall
Amongst the canyons.

Sunday in the city
5 pm.

late afternoon 2Both these pics were taken in Melbourne and late in the afternoon – just not the same afternoon. I think the city is particularly lovely, in a melancholy way, late in the day when dusk is just beginning, and for whatever reason, the streets are almost empty.