Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 6

as16This is a detail of the last page I showed you last week – a pretty little envelope hinged onto the page with a piece of sticky tape. Inside, a card embellished with a piece of batik fabric, with a lovely message written inside to a man I never knew. He was a friend of a friend, who was given some of his things after he died, and she passed this on to me, along with a tear-shaped piece of ┬álapis lazuli. Maybe I should put it back in it’s envelope..

as17On the back of that page, another handwritten note. There is also a quote from the Dalai Lama, not visible in this pic- “The point is to try to develop the scope of one’s empathy in such a way that it can extend to any form of life that has the capacity to feel pain and experience happiness.” One doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to aspire to that, I think.

as18Here, there’s a short poem that refers to a mirror, and a receipt for, amongst others, Mirrorball, by Pearl Jam and Neil Young. “The future is waiting for you”, the horoscope asserts (deep). “Dead Man” is a favourite movie, and Neil Young did the soundtrack. The William Carlos Williams quote comes from his introduction to “Howl”, the famously controversial and wonderful poem by Allen Ginsberg. If you haven’t read it, maybe it’s time…I read it on the train to Castlemaine on the day that the Kennett government was swept out of office – truly a day to remember!