Weekly Photography Challenge: Perspective

This weeks photography challenge is ‘Perspective’, exploring different ways of seeing, or framing, the one thing. My first pair of pictures is of the “My, how she’s grown” variety – my daughter,  and her daughter at a few days and at six whole months.

The second pair also show Juniper, at two weeks and six months, but with her grandad. The changed perspective is mostly his – completely out of his depth with the tiny and seemingly fragile newby, he is much more comfortable with her now that she is more ‘human’ and relateable.

A yarnbombed rock in Perth’s King’s Park last September – from afar, and up close. From up close, it could be a rather wild knee rug – the added bugs and flowers were appropriate embellishments in the famous garden and park. The yarnbomb was organised by a friend and former colleague of my daughter, and was done as part of the Park’s September celebrations.

Last but not least – food! Playing around with food photography, I tried using different angles for different effects. I also ate half a strawberry before I was done…