Friday Poem: Autumnal

It’s that time of year again – the first couple of months have whizzed past in a series of horrible hot spells and bushfire threats, interspersed with ¬†ordinary day to day life. At last, the days are noticeably shorter, and early mornings can be misty and chilly. The worst of summer is over…crabapple2

Magpies are singing
autumn songs
And nights are growing
Summer is fading
every day
Cold nights are burning
crab-apples red
Clouds rush the sky and
earth lies dead
Everything changes
the same every year
The summer comes
then goes.morning cockies

It will be another six weeks at least before we can hope for the “Autumn Break” that will (we hope) bring relief to the parched country side, and make the tawny hills green again.dry garden

Not to mention my poor garden – what’s left of it.