Weekly Photography Challenge: Abandoned

This weeks photography challenge topic is abandoned. I did think about wild abandonment, rather than the bleaker “left behind and forgotten about” sort of abandoned. I also thought about the UFO’s which I, and every artist and maker, have abandoned unfinished and stuffed out of sight and mind. These projects are different from the sort that are merely on the backburner for an unspecified length of time. We know we’ll get back to those ones…eventually. 

I watched part of a doco on SBS about photographer Gregory Crewdson, who, at the end of the programme, visited abandoned movie sets in Rome – which he fell in love with, and photographed in his amazing and elaborate process. And this reminded me of the abandoned house not far from here, in the middle of the bush, which has burned to the ground, leaving nothing but the chimney and rubble at the centre of what is left of a formal garden. I went there a couple of years ago and took lots of pictures – and I found them today! Here are some, which I have edited for, I hope, added bleakness…



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Abandoned

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