Friday Poem:To the manager, Olympic Inn Motel, Aberdeen, Wa.

One day, months after getting home, and settlingĀ back into normal, non-traveler mode, I came across the receipt from our stay in Aberdeen, and wrote this poem – which relates closely to last week’s post –Aberdeen's finest

We stayed with you in August
And now I am homesick
For your town
The cat across the road
The chipmunk in the lobby
The memories (not mine)
Of childhood growing up there
Searches for coffee
And waiting for buses
The wide blue sky
And the trees on the skyline

How I long to be back there
In the park by the river
And waiting for pilgrims.Aberdeen cat

We’d seen this cat regularly, lolling about across the road from the motel. The chipmunk was last seen heading in that direction, and we feared for it’s fate – although it was a very fast moving little beast, so it may have eluded the cat. We’ll never know!Think-of-me hill

Aberdeen is famously rainy, so it’s a little odd that I remember it for blue skies and sunshine! So many people said to us, when we mention the PNW’s reputation for rain, “oh, it doesn’t rain in August!”, as if they wondered how any one could even suggest such a thing. It did rain the day we went to Ocean Shores, though. Quite a lot…

That hill is called “Think-of-Me”, apparently after a brand of tobacco that had a big sign on it long, long ago. Krist Novoselic and his family lived over there – some more history for you!