Weekly Photography Challenge: Threes



possum 1Three birds and a possum – a tale in three pics -When Lucie  and I took Hugo, her dog, for a walk last night, we found this little ring-tail possum on the ground near a park. For some reason, it was being monstered by a crested pigeon… While I tried to get a decent photo, the pigeon chased the possum across the road…possum 2

Why it didn’t take refuge in the tree in the middle of the roundabout, we couldn’t fathom…Luckily it made it to the other corner in one piece, despite passing cars.possum 3

There it was immediately set upon by two Indian Mynahs, with the pigeon still looking on. By now, friend possum had dived into the low vegetation on the nature strip, and disappeared from view… while the Mynahs continued to carry on and make a racket. We left it at that, and went on with our walk, wondering why the birds have such a problem with a possum wandering around in daylight (admittedly unusual), but decided it may be because it looks vaguely like a rat, which could raid their nest for eggs or hatchlings.

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