Friday Poem: Courtship

It’s valentines day, so a poem about love today is a given.heart

Shadowing each other
We step upon
The other’s shadow
And claim each other
For our own.

Circling each other
We step into
The other’s  circle
And choose each other
For our own.

Loving each other
We fall into
The other’s love
And know each other
For our own.rainy heart

True Love Will Find You In The End – sorry it’s not quite working properly. I tried!

rainbow heart

My Peace Love Empathy emblem is drawn in one continuous line, starting in the top centre of the red heart, and running around and back seven times, making a little loop at the base of each heart. This one was drawn digitally, using the mouse, which is why it’s a tad wonky. The rainbow colours represent peace, the heart, love (der) and the red blood drops, empathy.

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