Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 2

Some more scrapbook pages. The paper of this page is creamy coloured with a ‘woven’ texture, which works nicely with scribbles of beautiful soft pencils. Down the left side, I pasted 4 school photos of my youngest, ¬†progressing from little kid to adolescent. There’s one of the two girls as well, from primary school. these are the sort of things that end up in a box or drawer, after copies have gone to grandparents, because they are excess to requirements, but who wants to throw pics of their kids in the bin? A scrappy page collage is a good place for them!

There is an appealing quote in the newspaper cutting, which I highlighted, and also hand wrote for emphasis. There’s a Carl Rogers quote as well…”Freedom to be oneself is a frighteningly responsible freedom, and the individual moves toward it cautiously, fearfully, and with almost no confidence at first.”as5

Some favourite fabric scraps made it on to this page. Staples are a great way to attach things. You can sometimes buy coloured ones, too.  Depending on the size of the stapler, the object might need to be close to the edge of a page. This page is on redeployed brown paper.as6

One of my photos, an Oxfam postcard, from an early Fair trade campaign (that’s Michael Stipe having milk ‘dumped’ on him), ¬†and a magazine photo of Kurt Cobain, which I coloured in. Because I can. The Peace Love Empathy symbol, I have been drawing for years. One of these days, I might get it as a tattoo.